DriverShields Testing


The impact resistant plastic used in manufacture conforms to rigorous ISO / EU testing (manufacturer’s test schedule details available on request)

The Manufacture

The manufacturer of Drivershields is accredited with ISO 9001 certification and maintains highest standards in all aspects of vacuum forming work.

The Safety Testing

Drivershields have been tested for passenger safety by MIRA a crash body testing organisation used by motor manufacturers. The test carried out was ECE 17 for seat mounted shields. The test certificate is available on request. Click below to view the 11 second video clip of the test.

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1. Quick release fittings

2. Smooth rounded edges to the plastic eliminating the need for reinforced rubber edging protection.

3. Stylish transparent cash trays incorporated for cab drivers.

4. Provision in design to allow for adjustment to accommodate curtain airbag deployment.

5. All belts and fittings are on the inside of the shields with nothing visible which can be interefered with by rear seat passengers.

Conditions of Guarantee

Terminology – “The Supplier” refers to Drivershields UK limited. “The customer” refers to the purchaser and / or user of the product. “The Product” is formed plastic driver protection.

The Product is guaranteed for 12 months subject to the following conditions. These conditions do not in any way affect any statutory or other rights of The Customer who has paid The Supplier for The Product.

1. The Product will be supplied in accordance with information supplied by The Customer relevant to the suitability and adequate fitting in the vehicle described by The Customer. The Supplier will not be responsible for wrong information supplied by The Customer which compromises the suitability or adequate fitting of The Product in the vehicle described by The Customer.

2. It is The Customer’s responsibility to have any knowledge of the vehicle’s manufacture and technical specifications supplied by the manufacturer which may be relevant to the fitting and best practice use of The Product supplied by The Supplier. Failure by The Customer to disclose such information which leads to unsuitability of The Product and / or injury to a user will not be the responsibility of The Supplier.

3. The Supplier will supply with The Product the Fitting Instructions and Best Practice advice to be used by The Customer. The Supplier will not be responsible for any consequences arising from inadequate fitting of the product or it becoming subsequently poorly fitted due to The Customer ignoring the Best Practice advice offered.

4. The Supplier will within the guarantee period replace the product or any defective part or parts which may be due to faulty manufacture or damaged in transit to The Customer. The Purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy against The Supplier under this guarantee is for the replacement of the product or any defective part or parts. The Supplier’s decision on all matters relating to complaints shall be final. Any defective product or part which has been replaced shall become the property of The Supplier.


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